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Entity Registration Services For Nonresident Property Owners

Registration of Your Business Entity

All business entities in the US have to be registered in the states in which they do business.

If your entity is an LLC or a C-Corporation  it should file Articles of Organization in the State in which it owns your investment property to register as an active entity in good standing.

If your entity is a Foreign Corporation or an LLC or C-Corporation that invests in a state in which it is not already registered then it needs to register for authority to do business in that state.    

An entity is required to be registered and have a Registered Agent in every state that it carries out business activities, the registered agent provides an address where legal documents can be legally served on the business entity.

Many states also have annual filing requirements of informational reports and are required to pay yearly fees to maintain active status for their business in the State

MyTaxAdvisorOnline LLC

  • Can prepare and file your LLC or C-Corp 'Articles of Organization' or register your entity 'For Authority to do Business' in any state in which it was not originally formed.
  • Can ensure that your entity is in compliance with all state registration and reporting requirements and can file your state annual report.
  • Can coordinate your Registered Agent services through our third party partners.
The Registration and Formation of your entity in the initial year of filing will include:
  • Unlimited Name Searches within the state of Organization 
  • Preparation and Filing of the Articles of Organization or Registration of Authority to do Business
  • Personalized LLC Operating Agreement for all LLC's Filing Articles of Organization
  • Online Order Tracking and Status Updates
  • EIN Tax ID Application for the entity (If Required)  
  • Registered Agent Services for the Calendar Year of Formation
  • Free USPS 1st Class Shipping to you of the Original Formation documents received from the State of Formation
In subsequent years our services will include:
  • Preparation and Filing of Annual Reports for those states which require them.
  • Coordination of all annual fees payable to the state to maintain active status. 
  • Coordination of Registered Agent Services

If you would like more information with regard to our Business Entity services or would like to receive a free consultation with regard to your US Tax Obligations, please complete this form.

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